Kate Baker


the Performer

Kate baker’s love of music is the basis for two remarkable talents:  singer and educator.

Kate Baker’s distinct and authentic sound enchants audiences across the globe. Her vocal style and masterful lyrical expression have launched her successful career as one of today’s most coveted voices. Her hypnotic sound resonates with echoes of diverse inspirations from jazz, Brazilian, Latin, and blues music. Newsday has called her “brilliant,” The Daily Gazette has raved about her “exquisite, captivating stage persona” and The Los Angeles Times has named her “impressive.” At home with a Cole Porter standard or an Antonio Carlos Jobim composition, crooning in English or Portuguese, Kate Baker embodies the musician’s singer.


The teacher

Kate’s contemporary vocal technique is the product of over 25 years of training and performance. Kate is a master in vocal pedagogy, from the Art of Bel Canto to the Masters of Voice Science. She enables students to develop the most up to date singing technique. Since mind and body constitute the instrument, Kate’s teachin intertwines Alexander technique, yoga and Feldenkrais disciplines.



Ms. Baker’s distinct and authentic sound has excited audiences worldwide. In Europe, she has been a featured vocalist at numerous Jazz events, including the Euro-Meet Jazz Festival, The Carini Jazz Festival and The Pergine Spettacolo Jazz Festival.

She has filled the rooms at major NYC area clubs including: The Blue Note, Birdland, Trumpets, and Visiones. Kate has had the pleasure of working with such talented artists as Claudio Roditi, Norman Simmons,

Harvie Swartz, Houston Persons, Richie Cole, Vic Juris,

Dick Oatts, Dave Stryker, Daduka Fonseka and many  others.


Recording and Performing:

. Kate and her husband,guitarist Vic Juris, lead workshops

internationally and perform as aduo throughout the world. She is currently performing and recording with Richie Cole and the Alto Madness Orchestra a much anticipated CD entitled The American Classics.




“One of the most impressive

performers to come along in years

is Kate Baker. A convincing and

heartfelt approach to the lyric…

impressive interpreter.”

Los Angeles Times

“Ms. Baker’s singing reveals a

rich musical diversity, unique

talent, and an unmistakably

original voice that is smooth and


The Boston Globe

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